Monday, January 2

New Year, new post

As promised, photos of the two most recently finished projects:

Blue slubby cardigan for my niece - no, it's not supposed to flare out like that. It's too big for her alas, I forgot she's tall and thin for her age, like her brother. Never mind, she loved the buttons and liked the colour I think. Knitted this on the KH260 with reverse stocking stitch bands, I only did ribbing for the button bands. I assumed it was some sort of cotton but actually I think it might be acrylic. The cone wasn't labelled!

Finished table runner on our New Year's dining table. I think my edges would be less wobbly if I could just stick to a pattern for more than an inch or so! Ha! But got these yarns from My Fine Weaving Yarns so will be able to make another one if I can curb my enthusiasm and just do the zigzag pattern... :) Oh, there are glass table mats on it, I didn't suddenly figure out how to add black text to weaving haha! :) Sorry for the rotten picture but I shan't see daylight at home again until Saturday.

Didn't manage to get much crafty stuff done this week, but have enjoyed relaxing in front of the tv and helping the Cog get through all the naughty food. Did do a little sewing on a crossover top today, just got the sleeves to set in and some hemming to do. It hangs oddly but hopefully that will be fixed with the addition of a button and buttonhole.

Happy New Year!

Current mood: sad because the holiday is over. Boo hoo!

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