Friday, February 10

And another project...


My friend M gave me this last night, the blue has already been started on, I added the cream squares. Because I need another project...! But I really like it, it's the kind of thing I'd probably buy, so thankyou M! Got rid of a pair of walking boots yesterday (having a general clear out, get rid of at least one thing a week!) so at least they were replaced with something nice.

Tried the central Wetherspoons in Coventry last night - the Coventry Knit Wits are still on tour following the sudden closure of the White Friars Real Ale house (hoping someone will reopen it but that could take a few months!). We had at least three blokes (one inebriated) comment "oh are you knitting? Can I have a ?". SO original - NOT! The responses were polite but included "There's a Primark over there!" (M) and "You can't afford us!" (me). Why is it some people feel they have to comment? I don't go up to people in a bar and say, "Oh, wow, you appear to be feeding all your money into the fruit machine. How's THAT panning out for you?!". I'm not daft enough to never expect a comment, of course, but the drunken ones I could do without. Of course, it didn't help that the only decent sized table in the Flying Standard is a large coffee table, right next to the fruit machines. As I discovered on my long trek to the ladies - there's actually an upstairs bar and further seating (seemed to be a large group of ladies up there) which would have been better in hindsight. It's not awfully convenient for parking either, being right in the centre of town. So, last night's mood is below!

Current mood: annoyed & tired

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