Wednesday, March 1

FO: Rainbow socks (Knitpicks Felici Rainbow) and bullet journalling

Finally made myself a pair of these rainbow socks, after buying some of this limited edition yarn in June. Everything that could have gone wrong, did, with a major tinking session on the heel of the first one when I realised I'd threaded up the CSM mast (a closed system) incorrectly. A small knot on the heel and I was away - and then managed to miss a stitch when grafting. Despite my best efforts, not exactly identical - that might be down to the mis-threading causing tension issues on the first sock.

Pretty yarn but a bit splitty on a CSM. Which doesn't mean to say I wouldn't get more if it comes up again, I do love the colourways! Incidentally, there are two pairs in different colourways of this yarn on my Etsy site - just sayin'! And once they expire, I'm gifting them! :D


More bullet journalling: This is my current method for a monthly spread, I do each week to two pages up front like this, so I can "pre-book" things I need to do.


Something I saw online and thought I'd try for February. Yeah, Feb 20th was a struggle! ha! The bookmark on the left is a moving, growing list of to dos that I ignore most days (yeah, might need to revisit that!) and the right is a list of icons from Microsoft's OneNote software. Thought I might use them but so far, not so much...


Finally - pen porn! My carry-about collection of ink pens (I have way more at home). The pen on the far left (blue with pink cartridge) is probably the oldest one, I may have used it for college/uni even. The iridescent pink one is my current fave, having turquoise ink. The biro in the middle is a 3 colour one from Silver Reed, the neon one has green ink. I also really like the Pilot disposable cartridge pens. Plus there's a multi-coloured pencil (with teddies on), a gift from a work colleague, and the BSI pen is there because it's got a secret highlighter hidden in the top. And the mechanical pencil because, hey, I'm an engineer, I feel naked without a pencil. Ha, I just realised there's no eraser here! I need to get onto that pronto!

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