Wednesday, March 15

Going round in circles, Kegworth 2017

Well, had a lovely weekend at the CSM event in Kegworth - very busy, as teaching two classes myself (ribbing and argyle socks) - but managed to sit in on a "pattern and texture" class - making the CSM do tuck and slip, the latter involving dropping the needles into the centre with live stitches on, who knew that was possible? I also caught Jo's toe-up sock class and learnt why my first one was so tricky (too tight a cast on) - and also learnt how to cast off around the needles.

Whilst practising the Argyle sock, I discovered that the 7 prong adjustable transfer tool is also perfect to use as a pushing-down device when knitting over only a few needles - and because it's adjustable, it's even good when working over the ribber stop which otherwise gets in the way. You can pick up these tools very cheaply online so highly recommended. Dining fork also worked OK but mine are a little too big for my gauge.

Didn't win any competitions, nor sell any items, but I'm not too fussed. It was such fun to meet up with like-minded folks - one lady was finger-crocheting lengths of csm strips into seat pads. How cool is that?! :) The hotel was really nice and the food was great, I'd definitely stay there again (Kegworth Hotel and Conference Centre). Only minor downside is there was no projector for my presentation, but we stacked some chairs into an impromptu laptop stand and luckily it's not a large part of the demo anyway!

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but as soon as I got home on Sunday I was repacking for a one night stay in Holland, so have been catching up with sleep and repatriating laundry on and off ever since.

Lots of pictures here:

Circles Kegworth (Mar 2017)

And no, I STILL haven't managed to take a picture of the argyle sock.

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