Saturday, October 10

The Passap knitting machine: further reading - part 2

Very few images this time around - if I get chance maybe I'll take some with the smartphone. Part 1 is here, and part 3 is here

E6000 shortcut manual - Patricia J Wetzel

A short (14 page) document which simplifies the E6000 manual with a flowchart over two pages and lists some common techniques.

"The "Know-how" Book, Volumes 1 and 2, for Passap/Pfaff E6000 and Duo 80 machines", Pat Cook

Two self-published books which again are packed with essential information for these machines in an easy to understand format. 

"The Passap Passbook of Essential Basic Information for all Passap System Knitters From Absolute Beginners to Advanced", George Le Warre

This probably wins the title of longest book title ever. A fairly short publication, it contains basic information as to the lock settings, a useful chart giving recommended stitch sizes for various yarn thicknesses for 1x1 and stocking stitch, and another useful table comparing these to stitch sizes on Japanese and Superba machines. Useful information on yarn counts, different yarns (fibre content), casting on and shaping. Printed on red paper so quite hard to read - suspect this was done to prevent people photocopying it. 

"Understanding and Enjoying your Passap E6000", Carmen Reuter

This is a collection of 28 newsletters produced by Carmen. I cannot remember how I purchased these, but I expect it was online and I got them printed and bound. Lots of very useful information here.

"Index to the Passap Electronic 6000 Stitch Book", M M Gulless

This is a straight index for all the stitch patterns that appear in the E6000 manual

"The Passap Passbook of Form Programmes Decoded and Demystified", George Le Warre

This book is a short 16 pages but breaks the form programmes down so that you could develop your own, and there's a simple pattern at the end. Sold to raise money for heart charities

"Jack Pullan's Simplified Guide to Programming the E6000", Jack Pullan

Published by Alice Wilmshurst, well known for her selfpublished machine knitted "journals". Does what it says in the title - a set of 13 lessons and 6 leaflets, encouraging the reader to work through various exercises. 

"Passap / Pfaff Electronic 6000 - learn to convert Duomatic stitch patterns to the E6000", Jack Pullan

A very good resource for anyone who has moved from the older machine to the newer one, and wishes to understand how to program the E6000. 

"Knitting with the Lights Off", Billie Hall

I bought this from the author as a PDF online, so my copy doesn't have this pink colour - as the title suggests, it gets the user familiar with the E6000 without using the console. Instructions for patch pockets, professional neckbands, plus some basic patterns to get you started. 

"Passap Duo 80 & E6000 Helpsheet No 2, Necklines for Everyday", Mrs A J Golding
"Passap E6000 Helpsheet No 3, What happens when I?", Mrs A J Golding

Help sheet 2 is all about necklines. Help sheet 3 is a useful reference for programming the console, and clarifies the instruction book. Presumably there's a helpsheet No 1 but as I don't have it I can't comment on its contents. 

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