Monday, February 1

Musings on creativity

Well, February starts as January left off - grey, freezing, often wet, very muddy underfoot. Saturday brought  sleet / rain, a good excuse to get all outside errands done quickly, and get back inside the warm. Highlight of the day was a treat to myself from Christmas money, a new smartphone (Google Pixel 4a). Though I'll miss my Nexus 4, it's getting quite slow now and hasn't been supported / updated for some years. Mine's actually got a small  crack across the corner of the screen, I don't remember when it happened but it still works. Undecided whether to keep it as a mini tablet or to recycle it. It can't go anywhere just yet though, I've the tedious task of transferring all my passwords to a new app as the old app seems to be unsupported. 

I've been pondering my lack of energy to start a new project lately, and have come to the conclusion that whilst it's all very well knitting from unloved stash and making items for others, after a while the need for personal gratification from knitting something nice for oneself becomes more pressing. I mean, I've machine-knitted all the parts for a black chenille jumper, and can't bring myself to sew it up - that's not like me! I've resolved to knit any further jumpers like that by knitting the sleeves downwards on the machine, thus neatly avoiding the dreaded setting-in bit. So on Saturday I knitted up some black poodle yarn, into a simple scarf and two slightly oversized hats - another cone down! Then I doodled about on the passap. Sunday I made a start on a cardigan for myself - a lovely charcoal yarn with multi-coloured slubs. I only hope there's enough yarn - I seem to recall I originally knitted some of it into part of a skirt, which I couldn't then unpick (it may have been thrown away). It may end up having short sleeves, if so. We shall see. 


The more I play with the passap, the more fun I have with it. Here's a selection of recent swatches. The larger red and white one in the middle has a solid red background, and the smaller one on the left has a vertically striped background. The rather plain peach one on the left is interlock, the one on the far right is a slip stitch pattern which would make a cosy jacket, and on the top left I even had a go at a four colour pattern from the book. 

I've had some ups and downs lately - as reported previously, a close colleague is leaving us in a few weeks, and another is moving away, the advantage of continued WFH meaning geographical proximity isn't a big deal anymore. I've had days when all I can do after work and dinner is flop in front of the tv, where I feel like all we're doing is waiting for death (how overly dramatic!). But I keep on, because I must. Better times will come, I'm sure, and for now I mustn't lose hope. The signs of spring are all around, despite the freezing temperatures. 

Current mood: awake


Elaine Cater said...

Reading about your experiments with your Passap makes me regret even more that I sold mine years ago. I was wondering whether you know what happened to the website for the magic formula for working increases or decreases for sleeves, etc. The link to it now says the website is closed. It was a handy tool. Maybe you could point me to another website, or do you have directions on your blog? I know how to work out the increases myself, but knitters who aren’t very experienced found it very useful.

steel breeze said...

Yes, you're right - I found a link on the wayback machine, but alas the javascript doesn't work on there. I found this video by Vikki Haffenden, maybe it helps?

ShinyNewThing said...

I've been feeling a bit 'meh' lately as well. We are comfortable and I have lots to do, so have been pondering why. I am guessing it is just the monotony of one day blending into the next, not going anywhere, not seeing any new people. Oh well, carry on regardless and hope it will get better soon.