Thursday, February 18

Not waving, just sleeping

Work has become very busy, so crafting has dropped by the wayside a little. Couple that with himself rarely leaving the knitting room cum office until gone 7pm, and my falling asleep on the sofa fairly regularly. The pandemic effect: as everyone goes online shopping, companies are scrambling to automate. Not complaining, at least I have a job, but it's been tiring! 

That said, I have knitted all the parts for a fairly plain charcoal grey cardigan - I started sewing it up last night with black acrylic. The bands took time - I did some bands from one of the MAO books which are a combination of stocking stitch rolls with a bit of 2x1 ribbing. I may have miscalculated - the sleeve I have sewn up seems snug and a little short. I calculated it in Knitware using a standard chest size and not my own measurements, whoops. Pictures when it's done. 

Motivation is a bit lacking at the moment. I have loaned my "workshop" machine to a friend and swapped it with one she's totally jammed - I am not sure how to proceed, I suspect the bed needs to come apart. Not something I've done before!

I also want to put my KH950i away after some maintenance, and get the SK840 out for another project. Knitting items out of "ugh" yarn for others has lost its appeal lately. I finished up a black chenille jumper and I didn't even try it on (unheard of!). Luckily, a good friend has sent me a large bag of coned 3plys, for playing about on the Passap. I just need to find the time! 

It's kind of scary how easily we have become used to being in lockdown, and how very little interaction I get with others outside of work. I am also reading up on menopause - forwarned is forarmed - after being sparked to listen to my first ever podcast, "On my last eggs", and via that to "Dun Breedin'", a very fun mini sitcom on Youtube that I do hope they get commissioned into a full series at some point... So good I might even watch it a second time!

Current mood: exhausted

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