Wednesday, May 26


Does anyone else find that they go through phases of only wanting to concentrate on one hobby? Right now I'm really enjoying the cross stitch, but don't worry, the knitting machines aren't going anywhere. Serves me right for knitting the parts for two cut and sew sweaters, and being reluctant to do the actual cutting bit. Actually I was a bit gutted that after watching the UK's dismal performance at the Eurovision (what WAS he wearing? Recycled tyres?) that I lost my favourite cross stitch needle. Found another one but it's much sharper, I was trying very hard not to split stitches. The tree cross stitch has lots of random single stitches in it, it's quite a challenge to make sure I get all of them. And I'm a bit glum, I'm missing the "social life" of the office I think. WFH is all very well but it's somewhat lonely. 

I made the striped rainbow fabric into two shopping bags, it was all there was enough for. 

I've been asked to do two talks about machine knitting, one this year and one next year. I need to put together some handouts of various textures, because the first one will probably be over Zoom so I can't hand around sample garments. A chance to play with the macro lens!

Current mood: lethargic

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