Monday, October 4

Autumn is coming


In progress: Granny square pattern blanket


A simple cardigan with yoke - it's been finished since this shot was taken.

Not shown, a completed sideways crochet scarf and another in a weave pattern, about a quarter completed, and some simple cotton trousers I made with rainbow fabric (they're more stylish than they sound!).

Sorry guys, I have been remiss in keeping the blog up to date lately. Never fear, all is well here. I am getting used to the medication (I don't seem to remember my dreams every night, which is a relief). Autumn is definitely in the air - there's a cold sharpness to the breeze now, and I often play the "crunchy leaf" game on walks, though it's a bit early for that. I made another version of the Norfolk blanket, but scaled it up to use all 199 needles. It didn't go that well - the rear pushers kept flatlining - so there are some mistakes. It's a good way of using up yarn though. Perhaps I will just pick a simple tuck pattern from the book next time.

My office organised a late summer party last week, originally postponed from 2020. It was in a marquee alongside a lake. Oh, so much food, I skipped tea completely! It was the first time we'd all been together since March 2020 so it was nice to catch up with people I wouldn't otherwise see. Alas, the glam outfit I had intended to wear no longer fits. It's surprising how much more incidental exercise I got when working in an office - they are now shut for refurbishment.

We managed to get petrol last week which will hopefully last until the fuel crisis passes - we had a short break in Worcester / Malverns and every petrol station we passed on the way home was dry. I hope you are safe and well, and keeping warm. Eddie the cat is delighted that the heating is on again. The Cog is moaning that summer is done but I'm secretly looking forward to getting through some box sets.

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