Monday, March 13, 2023

FO: 2.5 pairs of socks and a Sunday walk


Tube socks in Drops Delight


Tube socks in Spin Sisters yarn


Heeled sock with the fairisle polk dots worked using holding position, after a demo last weekend. Quite a few dropped stitches and a few mistakes, and 20 rounds rib / 40 ankle isn't quite enough in wear, I will make the next pair longer. Not seen, the hot mess of ends inside and the slight mess I've made of grafting the toe whilst also splitting the yarn. This will be fixed later, not sure when its mate will appear. I love that the dots (just 2x2 stitches) look a bit like love hearts from a distance. This yarn is neon pink in real life, it's Opal solids.

There's been some discussion on my Needles of Steel MKC Whatsapp group about how many machines we all have. My out of use ones are stored like this, for want of a better option. The machine under the sheet is the SK840/SRP60N, and just seen by the blue yarn/white leg is the CSM. The workshop machine lives in the garage, along with another ribber. Out of shot to the right is the Passap E6000. 


On Sunday sweetie planned a short walk around the canals just at the back of Elliott's Field retail park in Rugby. The Oxford Canal, Rivers Avon and Swift all snake around this area - it took us a while to figure out how to get down onto the canal as it's in a steep cutting here. The canal was originally a contour canal that was later straightened, so there's lots of "lost" bits in the area. As luck would have it, we even got a bit of sunshine, the weather turned nasty later on. After the walk we browsed in Dunelm and had a look at bathroom ideas, as our ensuite is in need of replacement. Very middle-aged but somewhat productive, I just wish they'd show more space-saving solutions. We can't all have bathrooms the size of main bedroooms, surely?!

Complete with ghost sign from Rugby Wharf advertising calor gas (I think the wharf still exists, but much smaller and not in this shot). The white bridge had smooth gouges in the railing nearest the sign, almost as if worn down by ropes constantly running across it. 

The mural is under a bridge near the Harvester, I wonder how many commuters even know it's there as they drive over it?

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