Wednesday, September 06, 2023

FO: some cross stitch items

PXL_20230905_181754029 PXL_20230905_181744350

Currently drip-drying in the bathroom and waiting on pressing and framing. Sorry for the rubbish angle - I added the counties to the Warwickshire one. Coventry hasn't been in Warwickshire for some time, it's a blob on the SE of the West Midlands, but never mind. I didn't come up with the kit! I am debating doing some sort of freestyle cross stitch with all the leftover cotton I have. Hmmm. A friend had started the animal one and I finished it off. Ran out of black, luckily I had some elsewhere!

Summer finally arrived on Sunday, it's sunshiney and humid here. I'm not complaining, it's lovely!

Current mood: hot

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