Saturday, March 18

Bill King workshop

Excellent one-day workshop in Crick, learnt how to do massive cables (ie 5 by 5 or more), a zigzag pattern in fisherman's rib, knitting that turns corners, knitting pockets to place items in eg buttons, and "needle-out" hand-transferred lace. Not enough time to try everything I wanted to, but an excellent day anyway. Pat had baked bread, cake and flapjacks, and we had a nice psuedo-ploughman's lunch, a nice treat as the 'fridge was empty post-Tenerife and we only got home at 1am this morning.

The photo shows needle-out lace (peach), pockets (orange), zig-zag stripes (should be obvious). I seem to have lost my super-wide cable sample, but no fear, I made notes!

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