Friday, August 11

More unfinished projects

This is the shopping bag being made out of carrier bags. It's really hard work. Yes, I think I must be insane! So far it includes bags from Sainsbury, Tesco, Burtons and Asda. The girls at the knitting club offered me Morrisons and Harrods, no less! G's moaning because he can't find any carrier bags in the house now, I've cut a lot up!

This is the afghan - there are a few mistakes in the pattern, but it was my first real attempt at fairisle on the Silver Reed. Now I need to decide how to finish the edges.

This is the rug on the peg loom. Peg loom weaving is really easy. Not sure about the black, though - it's from an unpicked cardigan, so is a bit bobbly in places. We shall see!

This is the first sock using Dimity's penny sock pattern. It went really well - wasn't till I got it off the machine, that I spotted a dropped stitch (hence the safety pin). It was right near the beginning, too, and the weird thing is, it looks like the stitch disappeared somehow, which is not possibly on a machine unless you physically transfer the stitches on one side, and I didn't do that!

And look who came to help me out?! He always wants fuss, when I'm tied up with a dropped stitch or something and can't spare a limb! :)

I'm in a bit of a weird mood at the moment - I keep starting new projects, and not completing them. I got the Empisal colour changer out last night and got it working on the machine. I think the colour changer mast must be damaged, because it kept swinging about - it was 10 mins before I figured out I could just stick the top bit onto the basic mast. Duh!

I'm also trying to blanket stitch my work bag, to stop it fraying. I want to make a bag organiser, but alas the red gingham is running out (maybe I could knit one?). Plus I've two sets of handles for bags to make up. Maybe it's just me. Aries - a great innovator and starter of projects, but gets bored after the fact.... ;)

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