Tuesday, January 9

Free pattern: Cabled cushion pattern

Machine: Brother chunky machine 260
Yarn: Aran weight acrylic
Tension: T4
CO 63 sts 1x1 rib
K 3 rows circular cast on. Set RC000
Transfer sts to RB in 10100001010000 formation, leaving corresponding K needles in work.
K cable pattern until RC reads 120. Cast off.

Cable pattern - K 2 rows between st transfers, and 8 rows either side of the 101 cross.

Complete back in stst.


Steve said...

I've been machine knitting for a while, and have never been comfortable or successful with cables. Can you give some hints and tips? Actually, how the heck do you do it?ei

Claw said...

Is this cable pattern you refer to on blog?