Tuesday, January 9

Destashing and lizard ridge-ing

Damn that Laura Aylor - I've completed three more LR pieces in the last three days! :) It really is most addictive, seeing how the Noro comes out in waves of colour. I need to slow up - promised myself I'd not buy any more Noro until February as this month is a long one regarding pay - but I located a US dealer willing to ship to the UK yesterday so I can get 80% of the colourways not available here for a small shipping charge. I think I've about six more balls to go.

I've also made a New Year's Resolution to not buy any more yarn until I've made serious inroads into what I already have - four Rubbermaid tubs full, a cardboard box full of cottons, another one full of industrial and three more bags of all sorts up in the attic. I'm going to make 2007 a very productive year charity-wise, as long as the college work takes priority. After I complete the course I'm booked on the Metropolitan Machine Knitting Dream Week, which I've wanted to go on for some time - a personal treat for myself. Nope, the Cog is not coming along. Trying to decide whether to hire a car for the week (about £130) or take the train (about £30, but then I'm stuck at the hotel all week). Decisions, decisions. Might be nice to get away from it all for a week. Of course, I could get the Cog to take me up there - would help not having to lug a knitting machine around on the train!

To the destashing end, I made a start on the white aran I bought back at the last Regional Guild day I went to - it's that 2 monster balls of white aran with blue and pink flecks, if anyone cares enough to dig back through the archive. Last time I made this jumper for the Cog, it took no less than five attempts to get the front right, as I kept forgetting to reverse the collar shapings. Last night I did it right first time! Chuffed! The back is already done (it's a really weird shape, can't help wondering if it's a mis-print as it's not symmetrical) including welt, and the front will be welted tonight if I get time after the gym. Then onto the sleeves, which are easy.

No further on the little pink jumper with the odd sleeves I was making for xmas, nor the dusky pink hoodie. The former is sewn up so well I may have to cut it apart, and the latter just needs copious weaving-in of ends. I reckon I ought to employ a sewer-upper and mistake-fixer - I'm already onto the next project, and am starting to get quite a little pile of things that need sewing up. *sigh* So many ideas, so little time! :)

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