Saturday, January 27

More dbj experiments and more Kureyon

College work:

This is vertical-backed DBJ - made by adding an extra needle on the RB when COR, K 2 rows, drop extra needles on RB, K 2 rows, keeping the colour changes correct. Thanks to Adele and Anne on the Yahoo! knittingmachines group.

Ladder-backed DBJ - another one of those, going quite well, then falls off the machine, type things. Never mind.

Today I've also done inverted, sunray, accordion and knife pleats. I feel a skirt coming on now! Must resist, must resist!! I owe it to the beach tote to finish it - it was intended for summer 2006 - rolls on floor laughing!


This box of goodies arrived yesterday, courtesy of Yarnmarket. I counted and I've potentially 27 squares for a 24 square blanket - looks like I'll be making a double-bed width one after all! Hope Noro hurry up and release a new batch of colours, I've got pretty much every one currently available on Earth now! :)

Square no. 12. Not keen on the colours - I've never been a lover of brown, comes from my mother's all-brown living room in the 70s. Curtains to give you nightmares, oh yes indeed!

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