Monday, January 29

Steam pressing and finishing up

Sunday I decided to try and complete a few objects that required sewing - I set the zip into the cabled cushion cover, then linked it up along with the charity tee top. The cushion pad seems a little small - tempted to take it back to Dunelm and swap for the 16", but I suspect I've lost the receipt. I really must bite the bullet and sew up the Rowan waist-coat thingy - really lost interest in that garment, it's soo heavy. It's ironic, really - the pink Rowan that I thought would be a waistcoat if I didn't have the yarn, became a cardigan (and I still have a ball and a half left over), and the white Rowan that was supposed to be a jacket, I don't have enough yarn to add sleeves. The gods of yarn must be laughing somewhere!

Steam-pressed the first 12 LR squares - I must say, I was skeptical it'd have much of an effect, but it was definitely worth it! They are a lot flatter now, excepting the usual top-to-bottom roll of stocking stitch. G's iron is more than sufficient, too. Warm work though!

Made a start on the cotton sock - however was too lazy to go downstairs and raid the change jar, so it's going slowly as end stitches aren't knitting properly. Laziness - and for no good reason! Must do better tonight, because Wendy G is coming Tuesday night to play with the machine, and she won't want to make socks!

Spent an hour looking for some Brother MK magazines, there's a particular fairisle pattern of lovehearts I think I might do as DBJ for my final project. Finally found them - they are the little A5 ones, if it wasn't such a big job I'd scan them all as PDFs so I could look at them at work. Found some gorgeous magenta acrylic which should be just the job, if it's not too thick!


What is the problem with Rings*ck? I realised yesterday that three of the webrings on the right have my old blog URL registered - however, doesn't matter how I type in the ID codes, I can't log back in and update the URL. Had to re-instate the old blog just so that people are redirected. Almost tempted to rejoin with the new URL, but I hate to add dead sites to rings - somebody has to check these things occasionally. All I can think is, because the site was moved, the old site lost the weblinks, and I have consequently dropped into some kind of pending queue. Hmm - I could log on and copy them over, wouldn't take long!

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