Thursday, February 1

Magazine hunt

Ok, I give up, I'll subscribe - Knit Today seems to have disappeared, even from Coventry's WHSmiths and my local on-the-way-to-work newsagents, which stocks a pretty good selection of magazines. Got the March edition of Simply Knitting (yes, you read that right!) with the freebie magnetic needle case today - I never had any big sewing needles like that before, so a pleasant surprise - not so sure I want the magnetic case thing though, I already have a place for needles etc. Mind you, it could double as a travel case for earrings - shows you the kind of cheap earrings *I* wear, LOL.

I bit the bullet and set up a myspace page, mine's at if you are interested. There's a pic of me at last year's Godiva festival, baking alive in the Greenspace tent. Some folk had already taken the steelbreeze and steel_breeze names, which I wouldn't mind, but they are doing nowt wi' 'em!

Still working on the cotton sock - need to create a good 4" welt, because otherwise they'll never stay up. Quite like the way the colour's pooling on the welt - it's green-red-yellow-turquoise. Discovered Julie and I share an "affliction" last night - hereby named "Loud Yarn Syndrome" - if it's loud, or has lots of colours, it'll end up going home with me. She was working on "One Skein Scarf" (Happy Hooker), in something that looked very like the loud Sirdar they've got in our LYS. They've got a couple different colour schemes, too - pinks n blues, autumn shades in this yarn. It's just cheap acrylic, too - but the colours, oh the colours! Usually this affliction (for me, anyway) is combined with "One Ball Syndrome" - you don't feel you can justify getting more than one ball, not having a project in mind, so you amass a collection of single balls - which is even more useless, unless you've a big glove fetish or have more arms than an octopus.

The annual mad burst of Start-itis has died down, now I'm in the "I should really finish that project before I start something else" funk. Ugh.

Next week it's needle-felting - must remember to pack a hard-backed book, or wear two pairs of jeans! :)

Trying to resist taking a day off next week and buying more stash - LYS has a jumper's worth of hot magenta DK going for a song, would make my niece (or me) a lovely jumper! This KFYS thing is HARD!


To try:

KRC900 double bed colour changer std & bulky

KG 88 garter carriage

RJ1 double bed jacquard carriage (Silver Reed)

double-bed jacquard
Ladder-backed dbj
Reversible dbj
Vertical stripe backed dbj
Garter bar
Using a punched card and the KC setting to indicate the start points of cables
Ladder-backed fairisle
Heart slip-stitch <-- tried - went wrong! :(
Circular yoked sweater

Pleated skirt
Hand-manipulated lace on the chunky
Pile knitting

Shadow lace
Silver Reed transfer tool
Tunisian knitting


Julie said...

To be honest, my Loud Yarn Syndrome is relatively underdeveloped as I'm a novice in the knitting department compared to your good self. :)

However since I definitely suffer from Loud Fabric Syndrome as evidenced by the Hideous Pink Silk I'm currently working with and the Gold Multi-colour Monstrousity (I really must take photos) surcoat I made last year, I'm guessing it will grow as time goes by.

steel breeze said...

Give it a few months, it'll come! :)