Friday, February 2


Managed to pick up that dropped stitch without too much hassle, you can't see it ever happened now! So, woo-hoo, and yay for me. I'm torn between, tearing through the Noro and then being stuck waiting for new colours to come out, or to pace myself. Also toying with the idea of starting to sew them together - the linker will come into its own I think.

Waiting on a delivery of mylar sheets and needle spares from Metropolitan so that I can make a start on the DBJ banner for "Made in Coventry" at the end of February. Then I'll have to dig out the instructions for loading multi-width patterns into my electronic knitting machine. Did I mention, that when I got it, I took the battery out of the memory card, thus wiping the contents? A lifetime of a machine knitter's work, wiped by a dumbass. So sorry. Liz - I hope I'm forgiven!

Talking of wiping things, I managed to wipe about 15 films from the media centre (I was only meant to be deleting one) last night. Oops. So I never did get to watch "Annie Hall". Oh well. Obviously the fates are against it! :)


Mary Beth said...

Always progressing, you are. Missing Annie Hall is missing an advent of particularly bad fashion. I assume you will manage to survive and do that quite well :)

steel breeze said...

That bad, huh? I guess I just wanted to watch one Woody Allen film so that I could say whether or not I liked it. Oh well, I daresay it'll come around again!