Wednesday, April 18

Any ideas for this?

Remember this? This cone is my next project when the DBJ is done. I have to make something for Machine Knitter's Dream Week (Sept 3rd). The only caveat is that part of what I make must be machine knitted.

Anyone got any suggestions? I'm thinking either a jumper with this as the trim, or perhaps a bag?

Converted my fave slash neck pattern into a spreadsheet, and used it to work out final measurements - I'm going to chart my DBJ jumper, a lot easier than counting rows or stitches. Hey ho, feeling like I'm moving again!

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Susan said...

I've got some yarn like that but not enough to do much with it. I thought of using it for knit-weaving the collar and cuffs of a sweater but I don't suppose I'll ever get round to doing it.