Tuesday, April 17

Tori tori tori!!

I'm quite tempted by this. I love weird openings on garments, something a bit unusual. There's also a Sirdar cardigan, with an assymetrical crossover front (can't find it online ATM, got the pattern at home).

I just know I'd buy the pattern and convert it into a machine-knit, though. Rowan isn't cheap! This one keeps glaring at me from the back of the knitting magazines. Hmmm...

Some recommended books for machine knitters:
Loads of small fairisle patterns, some knitting patterns and a history of fairisle knitting

Lots of different patterns and techniques, plus a few pages of braids and edgings.

Ok so the patterns are a bit 80s, but they're still worth a look, even just for the techniques. I miss the vibrant colour of the 80s - bold intarsia jumpers, acid bright colours. *sigh*

Out of print now but still available from private sellers on Amazon or Ebay.

Silver Reed have very promptly sent me the wrong bit. I wouldn't mind, but I'm not paying £23 for a useless row counter. Odd thing is, she asked me if I thought I could fit it - they've sent me a closed unit, the kind of counter you get on a Brother machine. The kind anybody could fit, it just snaps on. And of course they were closed by the time I got home and discovered it. Bah, mutter mutter! :)


Julie said...

I like that top, although I'd be tempted to rethink the fastening method. Those ribbons are not going to be easy to tie in a pretty fashion yourself from that angle. Hmmm.... Possibly some buttons and loops instead?

steel breeze said...

Yeah, not a good top for getting off if you're tired or drunk! But it might just be for show, I can't see the back.