Thursday, May 24

Beer-flavoured sofa

Interesting meeting last night - Jo brought the Pisgah cotton, which was lovely...

I missed some of the discussion, because I popped down to the ATM to get some money out, but I gather her craft shop in Coventry has fallen through, rotten sellers! Fingers crossed it'll go ahead in Warwick instead. I wanna paint me some pottery!

Sewed up the latest charity tee, knitted a few more rows on the neon jumper of luridness - it's slow going, because I'm knitting from sleeve edge to sleeve edge - but at least I'm nearing the half-way point.

Got Anne-marie started on her hood - a great big long paragraph about what stitches need to be picked up, when it could be summarised with: "Starting with the right front, put all the stitches on the same needle." No wonder beginners get put off!

Julie was making cords with a lucet - really, really cool! I sense another workshop coming on!

Got home and the telly was on full blast (Liverpool v Milan). Retreated upstairs with a glass of wine. The match ended, Liverpool lost, decided to risk going downstairs and got yelled at because somebody couldn't find the mouse (our tv is operated with a media centre). Went back upstairs for a bit - when I came down I made to snuggle up next to G, but he'd managed to spill beer all over the sofa, and I'm afraid I snapped at him, 'cause he didn't seem all that bothered. After a lot of struggling it became clear that you can't get the seat back covers off, as they are buttoned on (and it's sewn). Went upstairs in a huff. Men!

Feeling guilty for snapping at him now - it's the old Aries bluster, gone in a moment like a sudden storm. Alas, he remembers hurts longer than I do and is still sulking this morning.

Oh, and I removed the KFYS button. I think I've proved I just can't resist yarn!

Current mood: guilty

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