Wednesday, May 23

Lace, restarted

Made another start on the lace last night. I think I've figured out where I went wrong last time - I was counting K2togs and SSKs along with the plain K stitches, I think. Yes, I know, Duh! Doesn't help that the row markers are all out of place at one point (right in the middle of a K3tog, since you asked!). Using cotton markers - my usual stitch markers were a complete menace, getting caught and pulling stitches.

Also I'm making a concerted effort to mark where I am in the pattern. Never done that before, I am such a knitting know-all! :) Mind you, if it's on the machine, the row counter takes care of it, and I haven't done any hand-knit patterning for some time now.

Lots to take tonight - I successfully unlocked G's old Nokia 3310 for a friend whose 'phone died, plus discovered that my old Nokia (the crappy colour one that only stayed charged for a day) is already unlocked... don't remember doing that one! Gets me that they charge £10 to unlock mobiles on the Coventry Market, and you can do it for nothing online.

I digress - got to take that phone, take a sewing machine, some sewing notes, a shower-head, some magazines and some books tonight. Good job I'm in the car, eh?!
Found online:

This is the software description for a program which lets you beam tunes for use on your mobile. Thought it was funny.
"New: You can direct brace a tone to to your Nokia or Siemens without having to depute an SMS! Tones are installed undeviatingly from your handheld into your unstationary! MonkeyTone lets you rephrase and compose new ringtones for your Nokia or Siemens unstationary phone from your Palm"

I love it. "I've got an unstationary phone in my bag!" Actually, that's quite true - I've got one of those little inside pockets, but it's never in there, it's always found its way right to the bottom.

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SP said...

Nokia is also a little town in Finland. Right next to where I live :) The mobile phone company is originally from there, manufactured rubber if I remember correctly.