Monday, May 28

Current to-do list

Current to-do list


Lace collars
Convert a fair-isle card to dbj
Tension swatches
Tension swatch dbj jumper
Garter bar
Using a punched card and the KC setting to indicate the start points of cables
Ladder-backed fairisle
Heart slip-stitch pattern
Hand-manipulated lace on the chunky
Pile knitting<<-- tried on chunky machine yesterday, yet to try on standard machine
Shadow lace
Punch lace
Silver Reed transfer tool
Silver Reed intarsia tool
Silver Reed knitleader
Tunisian knitting
Passaps - booked day in college in June.


Dbj jumper
Circular yoked sweater
Pleated skirt

Key: College work, Personal

I keep adding techniques to this - I shall never finish learning new things! Mind you, it's no bad thing! :)

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