Saturday, May 26

Swatching the cotton

Had a quiet morning messing about on the chunky knitting machine, and getting some laundry done...

Day started sunny but has gradually gone downhill - got one load dry, but the other has gone into the tumble dryer. It's quite chilly out there today!

Have swatched the Peaches n' creme cotton - it's the worsted weight in "strawberries and cream" shade. About a DK to the Englishters. Did them at T3 and T4 - T4 was a lot easier to knit, and looks about the same. Might wash the swatch, see if it gets any softer.

Also, another Lizard Ridge square - this is my new favourite, I think. I especially like the pink bits!

The neon jumper of luridness is now just past the half-way point, thank goodness. The Emily hat is stalled, but not far off completion, and the lace knitting so far has half a first repeat on it. I have to admit maybe lace knitting is too much for someone with a full time job, who is tired and fractious in the evenings. But I won't be giving up, no way! It just might take a little longer than my usual easy projects. It's about time I had a challenge, anyway!

The Cog and I are off to see "Pirates of the Carribean 3" later, and then going for a meal at the local Indian restaurant. I love long weekends!

Current mood: happy


SP said...

What did you think of Pirates? I saw it on Thursday.

steel breeze said...

Ummmmm... it was OK, I guess. Couldn't follow the plot really, and it looks as if they threw too much money at it. Couldn't figure out whether Keith Richards was made-up, or if that's really his skin! :)

Three kids talked all the way through, so that was also annoying! Now I remember why I usually go to evening shows!