Sunday, May 13

Lace knitting

Thanks for the lace tips, SP! Wish I'd read them first now!

Knitting beyond the Hebrides

I like the tip about using crochet cotton between repeats - my stitch markers keep snagging in the yarn, which is really annoying!

Yikes, frogging one repeat down, that looks scarey! Alas, I think I've made enough minor mistakes elsewhere throughout that I should probably frog the whole lot. Ok, ok, I admit it - I've been cheating! The numer of stitches has fluctuated a bit, so I've been adding an extra k2tog or increase at the end. Man, I am *so* slap-dash sometimes it's untrue!

It's going to have to be a stay-at-home project I think. I might also try the pattern in ordinary DK first, so that I can see where I've slipped up before.

Think I'd better downgrade my knitting skill to intermediate, too! LOL!

I'm a bit excited today (woke up at 6am) because I may or may not be going to Legoland Windsor today. My bro-in-law isn't feeling well so there's a spare ticket, and Wendy doesn't fancy going down on her own with two kiddies in tow. I'll know in half an hour I guess!

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