Friday, May 11

To frog, or not to frog...

Well, I've been carting the lace knitting around in my workbag like the complete plonker I am. It gets caught on things - I really should keep it inside something else. Anyway, the other day, I spotted a dropped stitch, about an inch from the bottom. I've safety-pinned it up so it doesn't go any further, but now I can't decide what to do!

If it was ordinary knitting, DK or something, I'd be able to drop down to it and pick it back up, or possibly just sew it so it doesn't run. But it's lace - v v fine, so if I sew it up it'll be visible, and I don't think I'll be able to pick it up, the pattern's too complex. So I suppose frogging is in order. I wouldn't mind, but that's about 4 inches worth! I'm a perfectionist, but only to a point - I have a low attention span and can be impatient, so I'm torn. Help, what do I do?!

In other news, I got a blister from 6 hours knitting - did try and photograph it, but it was a bit blurry!! It probably occurred in the morning, when I was so cold I could only tell I was knitting with my eyes! :)

Did a bit more on the Emily hat - not sure how long to make it really!

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SP said...

You could try frogging only that repeat. It's explained here
in the middle of the page.