Thursday, May 17

Not much knitting!

Not much knitting to report, lately...

Had another concert to go to (Saxon) last night at Nottingham Rock City. Didn't get back to Rugby until nearly 1 o'clock (we had to drop another brother off in Cov). A good gig though - we came in half way through the support band. I don't know any of Saxon's work, but it was excellent. However, I was quite tired, and sitting down, so found myself dozing off. Yes, that's right - I struggle to get to sleep in my own bed, which is cool and quiet (apart from the snoring), but I can doze off in a rock concert surrounded by hundreds of people! To be fair, I did have earplugs in!

Did some more work on the neon jumper of luridness, but failed to take a tape measure so had to guess 8.5". Oh well, as long as the back matches the front in length it doesn't matter I guess. The lace is still sulking in the knitting room - I *will* photograph it before it gets frogged, just to prove I got that far!

Current mood: impressed

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