Wednesday, May 2

One for the pot and crochet spot

Remember this?

I think it might become this:

This is one of Ruth Cox's Pippin Designs - a cat tea cosy. Mum gave me Grandma's old cosy - haven't the heart to tell her it doesn't actually fit over our teapot, which is ordinary size.

Note to readers: I'm now using expandable posts, so there's often more after "Read more..." - not always - alas, it appears on every post!!

Somebody suggested I use the yarn to make an evening shawl, then kill it - but as it's a plastic yarn, I'm not sure that would be such a good idea!

Ran a crochet workshop at knitting group tonight. I think it went really well - got two people crocheting that had never got the hang of it before, and one was a left-hander, too. Mandy somehow managed to make a pentagon out of an afghan square - but it was a good pentagon, not bowl-shaped. I threatened them that they all had to wear crochet hats next week - or crochet bikinis!

They thought I was kidding! [evil laugh] Anybody know how to put backslashes in posts and not have them parsed as HTML?

Found a v clever site for tracking any comments I leave on other blogs - - very clever idea!

Right, off to bed to read a bit more Billy Conolly and have a horlicks! G'night!

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