Thursday, May 3

Onwards and upwards

Been on a bit of an Ebay frenzy this week. Man, I love payday!

Bought some invisible thread (but I can't find it, haha!) from BSK so that I can have a go at punch lace - Susan, you've inspired me, I've never tried it out before. To be fair, it was only recently I got a second carriage I could do it with - the 836 doesn't have that capability.

Bought a single ball of Noro Kureyon, in shade #170,, to complete my afghan. I've about 10 pieces left to do, and then it's a marathon steaming and sewing job, followed by a crochet border. Think it'll probably be sewn on the Hague Linker - I've even got some black wool for the job.

Bought and am bidding on a few punchcard books. You can never have enough punchcards, I say!

My SP spoilee is really pleased with her parcel - it's made my day to hear her enthusiasm.

Busily scanning punchcards for the aforementioned Susan - I just love the musty smell of these punchcards, I imagine they've been hiding away in somebody's attic for years.

Finished sewing up another charity tee top, pastel yellow and multi-coloured pastels. Will photograph the lot before they get posted.

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