Friday, July 27

A non-knitting muggle speaks...

Et tu, anon? £6.50 is a lot of money for hand-made woollen socks? The wool costs £6.50, you dipstick. Are you seriously suggesting that, asides from charging nothing for my time, I should also give £1.50 away every time I make a pair? Would you be prepared to do that? I think not!

Asides from anything else, 100g of wool would actually make two pairs, if the second pair were those shorty trainer socks. So value for money, I think.

And this is wool, I stress, not your cheap nasty acrylic.

Ok, mate, if you're so damn clever, I challenge you to locate a pair. They have to be wool, mind, and hand-made in England. I bet you've never owned a luxurious pair of warm snuggly socks in your life.

I think you are confusing cost with value, just as my colleague is.

Oscar Wilde once said "A cynic is a man who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing". I think he puts it far better than I could.

The cost of my new car was just over £8000. The value of the car to me is beyond measure, having given me independance for the first time in 10 years.

The value of some of my machine knitting books to you would probably be nothing. To me, they are invaluable for inspiration.

What a boring, one-dimensional world you must live in, Anonymous (gosh, so very brave of you not to leave your name). I'm almost sorry for you.

Enough said.


G's off getting tanked up tonight as it's his last Friday at work. So hopefully I can get down to some serious knitting tonight. Might finish the Colinette Lasso strappy top I started on Monday night.

Addendum: went round and had a nice natter with my sister, instead. Did a few more rounds on the sock - think it might be cast-off time, which means I can start on the second one. Came home and watched "The Chase" - I am about 5 episodes behind, I think!

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Ria said...

That is a fair chunk of change for a pair of socks, but if they're handknit, and wool, I'd pay it. Even before I became a knitter I'd probably pay it, because I know that I'm not just paying for a pair of socks, but for the time and effort that someone took to create them from nothing but sticks and string.