Monday, July 30

Onwards & upwards...

  • Make two pairs of socks for Jo (on 2nd of 4th sock)
  • Sew up charity tees and blankets made last weekend
  • Make a Passap "neckline" border for both ends of the raspberry ripple blanket
  • Add a strap to Murphy's bag
  • Buy beans and finish the bean bag
  • Tackle some of the UFOs
Had to laugh at today's knitting pattern (I have the pattern-a-day calendar on my desk at work). Apparently you can only knit the Deco-ribbon Shrug using Crystal Palace Bamboo or DAISY needles. Yeah, right! I don't imagine anyone's daft enough to fall for that! And I don't think anyone's going to worry about not having their exact needles, after having bought 7-9 balls of the correct yarn.

Neatened up a few of the charity tees I made at the Godiva festival - discovered another one in a pile by the door after I'd put the linker away. I still need to finish up the blanket - one piece is longer than the other, so I shall join the short ends first and then the sides.

I made a little cropped top with two skeins of Colinette Lasso I got in the sale room last year. It's white with flashes of hot pink and turquoise. Haven't sewn it up yet - I don't think the pattern (converted from a hand-knitting pattern) was quite designed with us busty women in mind, but I'll reserve judgement until it's sewn up.

I also made some straight stocking stitch with some Adriafil Felis, bought in a moment of weakness at the NEC. It was deliberately felted in the washing machine last night. I might make a little clutch bag with it.

I'm determined to make some serious inroads into my stash now.

Tried to do a single-bed slip stitch pattern with the Passap. All I really got was tangles, and massively slipped areas. Pretty sure it wasn't supposed to look like that! The linen yarn doesn't knit off well, it should probably go into the "Silver Reed only" pile. It's rather amusing that I've got to grips with double-bed work, but single-bed work still eludes me - the exact reverse of learning a Japanese machine, in fact.

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