Saturday, August 18

Guideposts Knit for Kids - DK on the chunky km

I should have posted this a while ago, really. This is the version I use the most. My apologies.

Chunky machine, T3 approx.
Yarn: DK or two strands 4ply or equivalent.

Make two pieces.
E-wrap CO 64 stitches. RC000
K 58 rows
CO to needle 58 (or to end of bed), K a row
CO to needle 58 (or to end of bed), K a row
K to RC 96.
Mark needle 17 on both sides, cast off.


Pam Moffat said...

what do you do for sleeves with this pattern. I like doing the front and back and two sleeves rather than the long bit for sleeves that your diagram has. But I don't know what to do for sleeves here!
thank you.

steel breeze said...

I knit the whole thing of a piece these days:

But the pattern above is to knit a T-shape. CO means E-wrap cast on.