Tuesday, September 4

First day at the Dream Week

Pleasant drive up to Alvaston Hall - first time I've ever used the M6 Toll road. It was deserted, and everybody could drive in the "slow" lane. Except, there are still some idiots that hog the middle lane, no matter what!

Panicked about having the correct change for the toll, so stopped at the services for water - but ended up going to a fully automatic toll that took Visa anyway! Ha!

Met up with some other Dream Week virgins, one who had travelled all the way from Aberdeen. First talk was by Fiona Morris, how to embellish knitting with needle-felting, embroidery etc. Very interesting, gave me some nice ideas.

Little surprised, that lunches are extra, and any drinks at the hotel besides water. The group on my table let me into a secret - buy boxed wine from Sainsbury's down the road and get "tanked up beforehand" as one so elegantly put it!

The room is ok, but tiny and in need of redecorating, plus the tv doesn't work (and its plug is in another room - bizarre!). Dinner was ok although I get the distinct impression there aren't enough waiting staff for 80 odd tables!

Evening talk was by Erica Thomson about her knitted jewellery, which is gorgeous. Attending her lecture this afternoon. Lunch is late - 1.45pm - so will need sustenance at tea break time I think!

Omitted to bring gym gear because the website has no mention of a gym, but there is one. Will probably try out the pool tonight.

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