Tuesday, September 4

Talks and wire knitting

Well, today the dream week started in earnest. This morning I had an interesting talk about felting by Fiona Morris, some interesting lacey techniques from Iris Bishop. This afternoon we did wire knitting with Erica Thomson - I made a necklace out of three plaited icords of wire.

Low point of the day? Queueing 25 mins for lunch, and having 5 mins to eat it in. Oh, and getting lost looking for Sainsburys, and lost afterwards.

Finally made it back to the hotel. Having checked a map, it appears Nantwich has a "bridge" of roads and roundabouts to the north, and alas as these roads are sparsely populated there are precious few landmarks to look out for! Still, I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Tried the pool and steam room out today, did 10 lengths, probably only equates to 10 widths of Cov's baths though! :)

Maintenance have fixed the tv. Pity they can't fix the programming, haha!!

Might settle down to some lace or sock knitting tonight.

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