Wednesday, September 5

Bill King and measuring things

Today I learnt about sewing on knitting with Erica - the modifications she makes to her sewing machine feet with bits from biro refills makes me think she must get through a lot of them. :)

Then Bill King's class. Owing to a few typos I thought I'd got -45 minutes for dinner, but luckily it all worked out ok. We "embellished" his failed swatch garments with torn strips and crochet patterns cut from other things - it was the most fun I've had in ages.

After lunch (almost everyone brought their own today it seemed - Sainsbury's must be doing a roaring trade!) it was Anne Smith, editor of MKM, and how to calculate an armhole curve. Not quite as involved as I was expecting, but interesting just the same, and enough to give me some ideas.

I managed to make it back to the hotel from Sainsburys with no wrong turns - it's actually really easy - trust me to over-complicate it!! Bypasses with non-descript roundabouts are obviously not my strong suit!

Sounds as if the Cog has been having a rotten time at work, there 'til half 9 last night wrestling with the computers. I wouldn't stand for it, but then, I don't get paid past half four so there's little incentive!

Last full day tomorrow - I wonder what it will bring?

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