Thursday, September 6

Hand-knitting yarns and passaps

Today is the final full day. I had a morning of using hand-knitting yarn on the standard machine with Anne Brown, where I picked up some gorgeous crystal buttons and a kit for a Swarvarovski crystal bracelet.

Then an incredibly long lunch, and an afternoon session on the Passap, doing some scalloped trims. Got some tips on skipping the dreaded cast on I sometimes get if I mess up mid-pattern, and a simple cast on without using the console.

Tomorrow we've one last lecturer by an unknown party and then it's back on the M6 for me! It was a very good week, but I am looking forward to going home now!

In other news, I completed the 16th repeat of the lace scarf my secret pal got me started on. There is lots more yarn; I'm hopping blocking will transform the crumpled mess into something elegant and scarf-length - otherwise I may need to frog and continue!

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