Saturday, October 6

Definition of stupidity

Definition of stupidity: knitting a sleeve that is plainly not wide enough for an upper arm.

Definition of a total loss of common sense: knitting the second one exactly the same, without checking the sizing.

Oh well!

Spent some time trying to figure out why the next size up was 57 sts and not 43 + 8 as I was expecting.

But! BUT! I got my Ravelry invite, so I don't care. Been playing about with it this morning and it is very, very cool!

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BeadKnitter said...

Hey, that's not as bad as knitting two left fronts for a cardigan, ripping out the second left front completely, then knitting a third left front. Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!! Eventually, I did manage to make a right front.

My Ravelry id is Beadknitter. What's yours?