Friday, October 5


I'm 170th in the Ravelry queue! I'm excited!

I'm waiting for quite a few things in the mail now - yarn, beads, books, CDs and a tailor's dummy (yes I won it, and it was a snip!). Alas, Royal Mail is on strike until Wednesday, so once the system grinds back into use it'll be like christmas!

Rant: Why do charities send you mailing and include a pen? Apart from this being a waste of their money, anyone too poor to own a pen surely can't be expected to donate?! Or am I missing the point?!

I'm half way up the second arm of the wave jumper, I'm hoping I might have it finished for Monday's Knit and Natter, but we shall see, there's sewing up to do yet. I made a slip stitch blanket for the premature baby department, I would have done a tuck stitch one but I can't seem to locate a tuck stitch card for the Silver Reed. I really must tidy up my knitting room, it's a right pig sty again!

Managed to pull a massive thread in my new pastel stripes jumper, as I was leaving a friend's house on Wednesday night. Drove home fuming. Luckily with the application of a bodkin and some patience, it's been fixed, in fact you'd be hard-pushed to spot where it happened. Smug mode!

G's out tonight with work and won't be back 'til Saturday noon, when he has promised to take me into town for a coffee and cake. So it's just me and the fluffy boy (should he care to join me - he's asleep on the bed right now I'll bet!), and the new series of Ugly Betty. And beer. Oh yes.

Been contacted by a lady on behalf of a Romanian orphanage, they want clothing and blankets for ages up to 8. Hence the new button to the right!

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