Thursday, November 29

Expert or doofus?!

You decide...

...spent all week looking for a skirt pattern in a knitting magazine. I was convinced it was in Noro Kureyon, and that the pattern appeared in Simply Knitting. Luckily, Mandy rescued me - and it's in Noro Silk Garden, Knit Today magazine. *slaps heads with magazine*

Tuesday night I had some overdue library books to take back, so G and I went into Rugby town centre. Great. Except, the books were from Coventry library! Doh! £2.25 for three books that were 4 days late - that's a bit much! Sheesh!

We were talking about cables last night and Linda reminded me that I still hadn't photocopied a pattern for her that she'd fancied. So I set myself an alarm when I got home to dig out the books. Found every book except the one that it was in. Panicked a bit (they are not cheap books!). Then G walked into the bedroom, "Think these are yours". Yes, he had my book. He's not the tidiest of people and his desk just kind of sucks up anything put on it.

However, last night I got one of our ladies sorted out doing bobbles. We couldn't get the pattern to work last week, but this week it twigged what she was doing wrong, and hey presto, lots of bobbles!

If you are a knitter you should take a look at this - the Walker books are great, but alas they are all in black and white. This project aims to produce colour pictures of the knitting stitches. If I get chance, maybe I'll send in a few samples myself!

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Knitman said...

That skirt is very nice, I think. Not for me but.....