Thursday, December 6

Destash night!

Well, I managed to get rid of all my unwanted knitting magazines - but came back with these:

Gorgeous blue mohair - the photo doesn't show it well, but it's a mix of blues and greens

Some purple fuzzy stuff - just because.

Some blue cord with white fluffy bits. Nope, no idea what I shall make with it, probably a scarf!

I also picked up a copy of Simply Knitting - I don't subscribe to that magazine, so I don't always get to see the patterns. It's got a nice bag I quite fancied making, looks like Colinette One Zero yarn on the front.

Been a bit stress-headachey lately. Nearly finished the Curly Wurly waistcoat - looks like I might need to start another ball just to cast off, which is annoying. Might see if I can get away without it! The drooping elm lace continues slowly - 13 repeats - I can do the right-side, lace rows, easily - ie, the rows that contain all the yarn-overs and decreases - but give me a row of purls and knits and I always end up going wrong, despite last night's addition of stitch markers. Humph!

Once Curly-Wurly is done I shall concentrate on getting Tori finished. The weather here's unseasonably mild for December, so goodness knows when I will get to wear all the sweaters I want to make!

I think moving the club to the Town Crier was a good idea - it's more public, and several people have come over to talk to us about knitting. I just wish they'd turn the heating down in there!

Julie also brought three masks for me to borrow on Saturday night (work's xmas do is a masquerade ball). The nicest one is a little too small for my big head, haha, I suspect it might give me a headache, but the other one is lovely too, it has little scraps of music on it. I've yet to get the leather mask with the big nose onto G yet - I suspect he will chicken out even if we take it, so I'll not force him!

Edit: My suspicions were correct - Blogger made some sort of changes to the handling of HTML/Java, which forced me to change the code for my progress bars a few weeks ago. Just discovered expandable posts has also stopped working. Bah, mutter mutter!

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