Tuesday, November 13

I need focus!

I really need to focus on finishing a few things, or frogging them.
  • Rowan waistcoat thing - sew it or frog it
  • Colinette lasso top - lengthen straps to fit an actual woman with boobs and sew up
  • Finish mohair shawl
  • Finish crochet blanket
  • Finish french market bag
  • Finish curly-wurly waistcoat back

I must not start any more projects 'til these are underway! Must keep telling myself it'll make me feel better to finally complete some languishing objects...

Yesterday I got not one but two people knitting on the km - Den and then Jo. And one of the Crafty Cottagette's daughters took quite a fancy to the machine too! :) Got home to cheese on toast (bless him!) and fell into bed. Teaching wears you out!


Nicola said...

Hi, just found your blog today, trolling around the net looking for machine knitting info (just bought a used Bond Classic). Am interested in knowing how you get the progress widget in your sidebar.
Come visit my blog too! http://fourfriendsandablog.blogspot.com

Nicola said...

You know, I'm usually a one project at a time sort of person because I like finishing things. But right now, my UFO list is like yours - too many things on the go. Wish I didn't keep seeing things I want to knit!

At least with the machine I am actually finishing more now!