Saturday, November 17

MK Regional Day, March

Well, it was so close to Knitman I figured it'd be rude not to bring him along - especially as he had no idea it was even taking place. There were demos of various techniques, a bring n' buy room where I picked up yet more Passap books and Knitman fell for an Empisal, Uppingham's mobile shop (yet more viscose and fancy yarn left with me), and Andrea of Andeeknits. We discovered that there's no easy way to get designs into the new-fangled PC10 console - a major design flaw as far as I'm concerned. What about Designaknit?! Not that I've got a copy, you understand!

After lunch Alison Lee demoed double bed jacquard (to rhyme with haggard as she pronounced it - that made me smile!)

Highlight of the day? Meeting the charming Knitman, and seeing him surrounded by 5-6 females as he explained a particular seam-free cast on. I should've grabbed his camera, dammit! :)

My mush is here should you wish to see a close-up - beware, it's not pretty! Came home to salmon ramen and a nice warm house smelling of freshly-cooked bread. Torn between slobbing out in front of the goggle box with some hand-knitting (of which I have plenty) or tackling a bit of DBJ upstairs.

Decisions, decisions.... Really hoping it rains buckets tomorrow, so I have an excuse to stay indoors and knit to my heart's content. Gotta tackle that stash somehow, haven't I?! :)


Knitman said...

It was great fun. I really enjoyed it. You were excellent company.

Anonymous said...

I have, now, discovered your blog through dear Colin. You are so lucky to have been able to meet him and, obviously, he feels lucky to know you.

I am so glad he has people close to him who care about him. It is a dream of mine to be able to get to the UK to meet him.

I was also most gratified to see you have more UFO's than I! Amazing. I will be sure to show this to my husband tonight!

Best wishes,