Tuesday, February 5

Dunelm (near) disaster and itunes tomfoolery...

Dunelm (near) disaster and itunes tomfoolery...

Well, after turning up to teach a class on Sat (the student didn't bother to show) I decided to head on over to Dunelm Mills in Coventry, because everyone was talking about Rowan Spray being 99p a ball. Wendy G picked up two bags of it in a beigey-grey colour, I picked up the last (single) ball of pale pastels. I am not a beige kinda person, ask anyone! Waited ages to be served at the cloth counter (W wanted 2m of Vilene). Got to the tills, and guess what? Yep, all of the computers had gone down so no VISA transactions could be taken. And I'd left my chequebook at home, because I so rarely use it (and having it right next to my purse is a bit of a security risk). After some scowling and counting of small change, we bought what we had cash for, and I agreed to pick the two bags of yarn up Sunday.

Sunday it turned out the tills had been down for several hours - so glad we didn't hang around! Went via Dunelm to Brum for ginger chicken noodles at Wagamamas and a browse around Borders (I love me some Paperchase!).

Been uploading all of my CDs into Itunes - it had gotten messy so I backed the whole lot up to DVD over Christmas and wiped the directory clean to start again. But can anybody explain to me why I had the Prodigy filed under F (Ok so It was "Fat of the Land") and Whitesnake's 1987 under M ? Nope, I don't know, either! But M - that means I'm about 50% done. Hoorah!

Just had pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Mine were a little, well, scrambled-looking. But darn yummy, anyway. Ashamed to admit G is probably more proficient than I in the kitchen these days! Humph! :)

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