Tuesday, February 5

FO: Hot pink hoodie - now with buttons!

Yep, it's a little snug when done up, but I don't intend to wear it done up too often. Nice n' cosy though! I love the heart-shaped buttons!

Charity squares for Feed The Children / Making Up workshop. Two birds, one stone.

A quick hat for BISS, from two sock yarns. Love the colours. Actually, might end up going to Romania instead, it looks a bit small for an adult.

Yep, this is the current state of G's desk. Can you spot the intruder?!

And so to bed!


Clarisse said...

Your hoodie turned out really cute! Love the heart buttons too :) I also am impressed with the combining sock yarns for hats. Great idea and I have tons of partial skeins that I was going to use for colored toes and heels on solid socks, but I think I like your hat idea better. Very cool :)
Clarisse >^..^<

steel breeze said...

Glad you like it, it's my new fave garment ATM!