Saturday, May 31

Serendipity - answers

Amoonsinger asked some questions about the set-up in this picture:

"I notice two things that I want to ask about. With your g-carriage you have that bar set up above it. Can you tell me the purpose of having it?"

That's the GC monitor. It allows me to set the garter carriage to single direction, as the back-and-forth direction does not work on mine for some strange reason. If you look closely, you should see two plastic pieces hanging down - these operate the direction switch back and forth.

"Then I see you use a garter bar and weights at the bottom of the fabric. Why is this?"

It's actually a ribber comb and weights. I think I was trying to do a jumper at the time, with a ribbed welt.

Nuttyknitter, Karen Allen uses two knitting carriages at once for her design. No, I'm not sure how she does it, either! :)

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