Saturday, May 31

Uppingham S.E.X.

Uppingham stash
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My blokey is great - he took me to Uppinghams for S.E.X (Stash Enrichment eXpedition).

Ok so I did bribe him with a pub meal. Weather a bit odd today, so I shall probably stay in and knit.

Three cones of lambswool (indigo, sky blue, hyacinth) for jumpers for the Cog and myself respectively, wine coloured chenille I just couldn't resist, a cone of something frondy and two balls of fancy yarn. I'm in yarn heaven.

Diet? What diet?

Gotta go now, other half is without PC - his power supply has died, and his laptop is stuck in an eternal loop...


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. That's good SEX indeed. Nice.

Knitman said...

you could have popped into me on the way back for more S.E.X. I have plenty to start getting rid of.....