Sunday, June 22

Passap - a revelation

Turns out some of the patterns in the console on some machines are programmed upside-down, ie white is black and vice-versa. If you've not been able to reproduce certain patterns with your E6000, this may be why.

I really fancied trying out 1137/170 (page 36), a single-bed slipstitch technique. It was so, well, 3D. But all I got was massive floats and a lot of tangling. Turns out that this is one of the misprogrammed patterns. To rectify, say YES when ALT appears, then say NO until it says something about colours - say YES to reverse them, and then continue as usual.

Woo! The 3D-ness!

The reverse - yarn vomit!

How could you use this pattern? It would need to be lined, certainly for sleeves!
Apparently I'm not the first to be taken in by this pattern. Carol reckoned quite a few folk were keen when they first saw it.

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Monique said...

Passap! Scary! Brave girl. I've only had Japanese knitting machines. Passaps are so foreign feeling to me. Good luck with it though.

Debbie Smith said...

THANK YOU!!! I've been trying to do this pattern/tech since yesterday evening. Now I know I'm not mad and that it's an error in the instructions. Thanks again. Love the blog btw. Debbie.

Debbie Smith said...

Further to my last comment, I tried reversing the colours and this time I got loads of floats so my machine is programme correctly after all. I originally had the same as in your pictures and thought it was wrong as there appear to be holes in it but this now is apparently how its meant to be. Sorry for the confusion.