Sunday, June 22

Passap week - more stash enhancement and FOs

View from my tent. Bottom right - see dog derriere. You might need to click for a bigger picture...

Liberated some Deny's Brunton from Metropolitan. I love this stuff!

Some more Passap books for my collection, three Japanese pattern books and Japanese for Machine Knitters. I'm gonna need it! Not pictured - P Turbett's books on Cut and Sew, bought at the Guild day yesterday.

Tom was posing, desperately trying to get online. He is such a show-off. had to crop a few paws out of the individual stash shots I took for Ravelry

Finished waistcoat and skirt made on the course. No, I didn't get as far as making knitted knickers! :) If I needed an impetus to lose weight, having to make both of these garments in four pieces should be more than enough. I hate sewing up!

The waistcoat is in plain double-bed jacquard, Forsell's Shamal which is a wool-acrylic mix. The skirt is in long stitch - N/CX, which means the "ribs" are only knitted every other row.

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hugman95 said...

Congrats on your passap work. I've just recently gotten a DM80 and am knitting up swatches right and left. I'm not very good with it yet, but give me time.