Monday, June 30

Workshop Preparations

I volunteered to teach entrelac at this month's workshop on Wednesday. I am an idiot. And do you think I can find one decent set of instructions, that is completely clear and/or doesn't contain errors?

Turns out there are two ways of ending entrelac - "bind off as you go" and "continue in straight stocking stitch" I shall call them. I only seem to be able to find the former online.

I've managed to knit a sample so far, but I can't seem to figure out how to finish it off properly. I think it must have something to do with short-rowing.

Due to lots of slobbing about watching Star Trek, the Kauni sleeve is now past the length it was when I frogged it the second time, and so far no merging of the colours. I must say I like the main body more, the colours changed more quickly. Some people are never happy, eh?!

I put my row counter in a very safe place (the phone pocket in a particular bag) and then spent the rest of the weekend looking for it. Really, there's just no help for me! I need the row counter when working on the cable cardigan. It's the only way of figuring out which part of the cables I am on.

Spent a few hours Friday night cleaning a matt layer of dust and grime from a chunky knitting machine that a friend has bought. Alas, I can't get the patterning mechanism working. I had it open to have a look but couldn't spot anything amiss.

In other news, company performance is good, so am expecting a bonus in next month's pay packet. I bought a Tomtom to celebrate, not least because I do a lot of driving to strange places and I am fed up of getting lost. Petrol's too expensive to waste driving in circles,

No brainer of the day: buying EZ's "The Opinionated Knitter" for £36 or more on Amazon marketplace, or for £19 plus postage on ebay. Hmm!

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